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A Complete Guide To O9A Subculture

The O9A Sigil

O9A Subculture: A Complete Guide



This 1520 page work contains all the texts necessary to understand the subculture known as the ‘Order of Nine Angles’. Included in the gratis open access pdf (c.60 Mb) document are:

* Introduction To Omega9Alpha Subculture:
Omega9Alpha Subculture: Drecc, Niner, Rounwytha, Hebdomadary.
The Language Of Omega9Alpha Subculture.
Appendix I: Omega9Alpha Philosophy.
Appendix II: Code Of Kindred Honour.
Appendix III: The Rounwytha Way.

* The Sevenfold Seeking And Noesis Of The Hebdomian Way:
I. The Sevenfold Seeking.
II. Noesis And The Star Game.
III. The Noetic Star Game:
The Moves.
Initial Placement.
The Objective.
IV. The Seven Stages.
The Overcoming.
The Tasks.

* Glossary of O9A Terms, v. 7.05

*Diary of an Internal Adept

* ONA 1.0:
1. The Original Order Of Nine Angles.
2. Naos – A Practical Guide To Modern Magick (Facsimile Edition).
3.The Deofel Quintet:

Breaking The Silence Down.
The Greyling Owl.
The Giving.

The Temple of Satan.


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