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The O9A And Evil

The Order Of Nine Angles And The Question Of Evil



In an early typewritten text titled Diabolic Etymology written many years before the era of the public Internet and included in volume one of Hostia published in 1992, the O9A defined ‘evil’ by reference to its early use in the English language: “The word ‘evil’ derives from the Gothic ‘ubils’ which meant a ‘going beyond’ (the due measure) – and did not have a ‘moral’ sense. Only later (under the influence of Nazarene theology) did it acquire a strict moral sense, and became an abstract absolute.”

Thus, when Anton Long and the early ONA – that is, ONA 1.0 and until around 1992 – used the term it was in accordance with this definition which expresses the antinomian, the Left Hand Path, the heretical, nature of the word.

° O9A Definition And Use.
° Confusion, Tests, and A Labyrinthos Mythologicus.
° Conclusion: The Aeonic Perspective


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